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immaterial bodies

immaterial bodies

Curator (Recipient of Objectifs Curator Open Call 2020)

Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film

3 September - 1 November 2020

Extending a thread of inquiry situated between the material world of things and the immaterial world of affects, immaterial bodies weaves together the works of Weixin Quek Chong, ila, Wayne Lim and Denise Yap. Through varied approaches, they explore how bodies respond to and are affected by different encounters, serving as conduits for affective responses and surfacing new possibilities of existence and relationships, ideas which are especially relevant in a world made more precarious, anxious and chaotic in light of Covid-19's global impact.


The works of the artists in the exhibition probe four areas: the memory of the body in relation to shifting urban landscapes; systems of control over the citizen body; morphings and transformations of the post-human body; alternative kinships and possibilities of being. The exhibition questions: can we speculate on the potential of artworks as disobedient agents to generate affect that sits (in-between, beside, under, behind, next to, alongside...) the prescribed, rational world? How can affect be a way to resist controls and trace the emotional contours of life during increasingly precarious times? How have previous notions of bodily relations, distanced encounters, and forms of collectivity and exchange transformed in a post-pandemic climate?

immaterial bodies, curated by Seet Yun Teng is the recipient of Objectifs Curator Open Call 2020, an annual programme that encourages innovative curatorial approaches to lens-based art by giving emerging curators an opportunity to realise an exhibition with professional and financial support.

objects in the mirror



12 August - 12 September 2019

[objects in the mirror] brings together selected works of artists Desiree Tham, Ryan Benjamin Lee, and Yeyoon Avis Ann, to unfold their use of perception-shifting strategies to reveal magical relationships between the material world and the mind.

The fundamental desire to enchant underlies both art and magic, which equally harness illusion, perception and the fabrication of alternative versions of reality to return captivated audiences to a sense of naivety and awe. The exhibition raises possibilities of the magical in wilfully surrendering to an incomplete, and even non-rational understanding of the world; both as a comforting illusion in an incomprehensible world, and as an active belief in the impossible, against the banality of the everyday.

Playing on the safety warning ‘objects in the mirror are closer than they appear’, it draws attention to the phenomenological experience of seeing, encountering, and believing.

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objects in the mirror

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Anne Morrell: Chasing Tensions

Anne Morrell: Chasing Tensions

Curator, Curatorial Bursary

Goldsmiths Textile Collection & Constance Howard Gallery

24 January - 18 March 2018

After 50 years away from Goldsmiths, textile artist and scholar Anne Morrell returns to the Constance Howard Gallery to present her work in a significant exhibition, “Anne Morrell – Chasing Tensions”. This exhibition presents a body of new and recent textile work, emerging from a lifelong pursuit of an understanding of stitch and textile.

Anne’s artistic practice is characterised by an ongoing interest in chasing tensions and changing states – in processes or materials that are constantly shifting and moving. The way Anne manipulates the cloth is inspired by the collision of various influences around her – from the undulating surface of the pond in her backyard, to drifting clouds and airplane trails in the sky, to the way the light changes in different environments, from harsh contrasts to diffused softness. In a quiet intimacy with nature and her environment, she utilises stitch in order to express her ideas and observations.

The particular type of mark-making that Anne enlists is a product of her extensive knowledge and research across Indian textiles and British embroidery – her work reflects a drive to arrive at an elaboration or expression of ‘stitch’ that defies categorisation, and in doing so taking apart preconceptions of hand stitch within specific cultural or institutional contexts. At the same time, “Chasing Tensions” also seeks to draw connections with Anne’s scholarship on Indian embroidery, as a way to reflect on Anne’s work which inevitably influenced her methods and artistic practice.

Anne Morrell, born Anne Butler in Chennai (Madras) India, is an artist and scholar on Indian textiles. She has written extensively on Indian embroideries for the Calico Museum of Textiles, Ahmedabad, India and has developed a thoughtful art practice investigating stitch as mark and language. She has exhibited her work worldwide and her work can be found in public and private collections in the UK, Poland, USA, Australia and others. She taught in Goldsmiths College from 1965 – 1968 as a full-time lecturer, leaving in 1968 to teach at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). Anne returns to Goldsmiths after 50 years to present her textile work, and to reflect on her lifelong work and passion.

Exhibition Curator: Yun Teng Seet

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