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Arts-Business x Business-Arts Residencies (ABxBA) (2021-2022)
Co-Curator together with Chong Gua Khee


ABxBA Residencies is a new residency platform which pairs local artists with local businesses as a way to explore how artists and businesses can learn from each other, work together and develop mutually supportive partnerships.

For long-term sustainability in the arts, we believe that that more artists need to build deeper relationships and partnerships with local businesses, and for both the arts and business sectors to recognise the value and importance of each other's work.

The first pilot programme ran from Oct 2021 – March 2022, featuring artist-business pairs Salty Xi Jie Ng with Ban Kah Hiang Trading, and Marvin Tang with City Sprouts.

Supported by National Arts Council Self-Employed Persons Grant (SEPG).

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