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CORNER (2015)

ink on chiffon

140 cm x  119 cm

corner (2015) is part of my exploration of the processes of construction through which we attempt to remember.

I observe memory (and by extension, history, archaeology, memorials and various other cultural and personal structures) as a simultaneous product of fact and fiction - for example, in museums (the most common cultural archive of artefacts and narratives) what is often represented is created both from a fragment of what is known - through information and records - but also, a process of inference, imagination and extrapolation. For there is a constant mixing of the two, even in personal memory.


The analogue film image of corner (2015) that is printed onto translucent chiffon present both information, but also a startling void or lack of it, rendered by the unexpected ruination of the image coupled with the subject, that of ruins or fragments. These enigmatic images speak but also are mute - the viewer, through the void of information, extends his/her imagination to, in a parallel act to remember, reconstructing the reality of the image. Printed on silk chiffon, the surface ripples with bodily interaction and environmental conditions, a surface that is unpredictable and in flux. It is also one that is translucent - the black void becomes permeable and interacts with the surrounding environment.

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